Effort, Not Work: A Key to a Happy, Lasting Relationship

Here at Two INFPs, we firmly believe that A) happy, lasting relationships are perfectly attainable, and B) that truly great relationships don’t require hard work to maintain.  If you’re currently in a satisfying relationship, our “Effort, Not Work” series is for you.

What we mean by “effort” versus “work”

If you’re working hard to keep your relationship from falling apart, or struggling to be happy with your partner, you’re likely hanging on to someone who isn’t right for you.  This is why hearing the common phrase, “Relationships take work” makes us cringe.

Because we don’t condone accepting miserable relationships, we want to spread the word that having a phenomenal relationship is indeed possible, and that it does not take hard work to be with someone who’s a great match for you.  However, while we don’t believe in fighting hard to keep a terrible relationship going, we do believe that to help a potentially awesome relationship last, you absolutely must put in effort.

While there is a certain level of challenge involved with making an effort, we’d like to emphasize that there is a difference between “effort” and “work”.  “Effort” connotes an exertion with the goal of achieving something desirable, while “work” insinuates striving toward something that is not necessarily a pleasant endeavor.

Putting effort into a relationship to keep things fresh and happy is not as difficult, nor as unpleasant as it is to work to keep the relationship from going south.  Because Chris and I make regular efforts for each other, our relationship is easy, fulfilling, and blissful all the time.  We don’t work hard to be together, and we don’t want you to have to slave away at  your relationship going, either.

So, we’ve begun a series of posts (listed below) to let you in on specific efforts to take to keep your relationship fun, happy, and freakin’ awesome.  Enjoy!

We’ll be adding more “Effort, Not Work” posts in the future; fill out the form below to keep updated!

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