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Hi, we’re Chris and Laura. We’ve both been through our fair share of relationship troubles in the past, and spent months and years trying to learn about how to turn them around. Those relationships failed after we gained the understanding that some relationships cannot be fixed no matter how much work is put in if there simply isn’t a strong enough love compatibility.

Then we found one another and put all the relationship knowledge we learned into practice right from the start. After we came together, we had the experience of both ends of the spectrum from horrible, soul-crushing relationships to now having a blissfully happy one. This let us start seeing things very clearly and we started to give advice on forums to help others try to find the same happiness we found.

That led us to starting this website. We’re not saying we can fix your relationship no matter what. We find that a lot of the relationship advice out there focuses on actually changing who you are to coax your relationship into simply no longer being miserable, and quite honestly we think that is just a completely stupid approach! You don’t need to change who you are to have a great relationship. The key is to refuse to settle until you find someone who matches well to what you need in a relationship, and then put in proper effort to maintain the relationship once you have found that special someone.

And that’s why we are doing this: To explain to everyone the basic concepts behind successful relationships that we have come to learn, give away all the tools we use to maintain our own happiness together, and share some of our own life stories along the way. Inside you’ll find lots of great dating advice, personal anecdotes, and most importantly find out how to be a better you so that you can be great together with your partner.

Stick around and enjoy. Just below you’ll find some of our favorite posts, as well as a few of the newest ones too. If you haven’t already, sign up for our mailing list at the top of this page to get easy updates delivered right to your e-mail. We have a strict 100% No-Spam Policy. Thanks for checking out our site! We’re glad you’re here.

-Chris and Laura


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